3D Cinema – A Craze around the World

3D Cinema – A Craze around the World
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A 3D or three dimensional film or cinema is a motion picture that enables viewers to experience an enhanced illusion of what they perceive. This entire concept was derived from stereoscopic photography which is a regular motion picture camera system that is used to record images which is seen from two points of view and also with the addition of special projection eyewear that allows the illusion of depth when watching the film. Some of the most visited 3D cinemas in the UK include ‘Cineworld Cinemas’ and ‘Odean Cinemas’ while the best 3D experience should definitely include any of the IMAX 3D cinemas around the world.

The mainstream revival of 3D cinemas was after the year 2000 and the journey has been simply exhilarating since then. From the Ghosts of the Abyss by James Cameron to Avatar and clustered 3D movie releases such as Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans and How to Train your Dragon, people have been thronging to catch the latest movies as soon as they were released.The history of 3D films goes back to the early 1900’s but however, due to the excessive cost and lack of standardized formats it failed to create an impact. Then, during the 1950’s, the American cinema started featuring 3D films and it later on resulted in a worldwide revival during the 1980’s and the 1990’s. The rise of the high end IMAX theatres as well as various Disney themed venues was the beginning of the massive success story for 3D cinema throughout the 2000’s.

IMAX 3D theatres have been much anticipated by many and they have become a worldwide phenomenon with IMAX theatres located all over the world. IMAX is typically found in multiplexes while features include a digital projection system that combines the power of 2 projectors that is enabled to integrate IMAX’s image enhancer to deliver crystal clear images in 2D and 3D. (IMAX is the abbreviation for Image Maximum while it is also a film format with cinema projection)

The IMAX screen is larger than traditional movie screen and is also slightly curved to keep the audience closer to the screen while the sizes of the screen ranges from 47’ x 24’ to 74’ x 46’. The audio system is very powerful while it delivers the audience with a laser aligned digital resonance enabling the audience to hear a wide range of sounds. This includes pin drip silence to loud fight sequences that will give you the perception of being in the movie yourself. The walls are all acoustically treated so that the sound reverberation is eliminated completely offering viewers the perfect movie experience which is more realistic than ever. There are over 100 IMAX cinemas around the world and most of them offer you the best 3D experience ever.

However, there are various methods when it comes to displaying 3D films. They include anaglyph which was the earliest method, polarization systems, the eclipse method, interference filter technology and auto stereoscopy.

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