A Flat Screen LCD To Suit All Your Viewing Needs

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A Flat Screen LCD To Suit All Your Viewing Needs
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Welcome to the new age of monitor technology! There are so many great products out on the market today, and if you want a flat screen lcd, then you are in luck. Instead of spending hours of shopping around online, today you can learn about four different models that vary in price and features, but from the group, you should definitely be able to select a flat screen lcd that fits your needs. Firstly, what do you need your flat screen lcd for? Obviously, you want to get a monitor that is durable, and probably bigger than your laptop or cell phone screen, but there are certain things cater to different users, whether you are a hardcore gamer, or intense movie guru.

Acer G236HL Bbd 23-Inch Screen LCD-Lit Monitor

The best priced of the group is the Acer with a 23-inch screen coming in at around $110, and offers all the connectivity you would need for making the monitor an extension of your laptop, or a stand-alone unit for your desktop computer. Looking to replace the giant behemoth monitor from a decade ago? This is a great step for people who are just looking to get their first flat screen lcd at an affordable price, and will be an amazing starter monitor, offering drastic improvements over any of your older, bulkier lcds. It has a good picture, with excellent vibrancy, and would make a great desktop companion in the house, or at the office.


This flat screen lcd is an amazing monitor hosting both the liquid crystal display and the LED built-in. Coming in at 24 inches makes it a large monitor, capable of giving a theatrical experience on the desktop, or capabilities for multiple programs and apps in the office environment. A 3000000:1 dynamic contrast ration makes the pixellation an amazing piece, and standard 1920 x1200 widescreen resolution.

HP ZR24w 24-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor

This is also a 24 inch monitor, but almost twice the price over the previous HP. Offering 16.7 million colours (did you know there were that many colors? A rainbow only has seven right?), and a 1920×1200 resolution, this is a very superb monitor. With plenty of adjustable options including tilt, inputs and outputs, and other capabilities this is a solid unit. It also has a fast bit-rate, making the refresh time only 7ms. The ASUS, listed next, has a faster refresh rate, but not as many colours, so unless you want to spend a pile of cash to see every colour of the rainbow across all combinations, some of the cheaper models may produce just as capable results.

Asus VE247H 24-Inch Full-HD LED Backlight LCD Monitor with Integrated Speakers

Also a 24 inch, and the best priced, is the ASUS flat screen lcd, offering the customer a monitor with integrated speakers, 10000000:1 contrast ratio, and full HD with HDMI. Picking this monitor apart is difficult because it has everything you want and more. With a 2ms refresh rate, this monitor is brilliantly fast, and well equipped for plug and play right out of the box. Whether you are a new flat screen lcd customer, or a seasoned buyer, this pick seems to be the cat’s meow!

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