Are You Ready for the Latest Advances in Large Screen Televisions?

large screen televisions
Are You Ready for the Latest Advances in Large Screen Televisions?
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What’s new in the world of large screen televisions and can you understand what your salesman is talking about? Here at we hope to take the mystery out of choosing a new large screen TV by getting around all the technological jargon and industry buzz words the “experts” use. Since it is our mission to speak in plain English about these advances and changes, we will walk through some of newest innovations in the industry.

large screen televisions

Many customers’ find the most exciting change available right now is the Ultra High Definition large screen TV. It is debatable how much more detailed resolution we really need, but needed or not it is here. All the major manufacturers, including LG, Samsung and Sharp are touting this feature. However most acknowledge that there needs to be more viewing content available in 3D to make Ultra High Definition 3D palatable to current buyers. Once more content is developed this feature’s popularity will be off the charts.

In addition to Ultra High Definition, you will find the new 3D large screen televisions to be super pencil thin and using the newest in lighting technology. This technology is OLED- Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. This new lighting system offers the sharpest colors and cleanest blacks no matter where you are viewing it from. This is a major improvement over current models and it eliminates the need to place your furniture in just the right places in order toget the cleanest picture.

All the major manufacturers again are offering this feature including Sharp, LG and Samsung. In addition all manufacturers are offering cutting edge resolutions on a 55” screen that will greatly increase the number of pixels and the resolution as much as 16-20%. The question is whether the cost of this feature matches its value to the buyer. All these manufacturers agree that the public might not be ready for this feature.

Features whose time has come include Smart TVs that will allow your tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices to be hooked up to a SmartCenter on the large screens. Now you can use FaceBook on the large screen TV, or watch online streaming material, or use it as a monitor for your laptop or PC. Apple and Mac are hovering on the horizon to enter this market as well.

So where is the “cool factor” coming from? It comes in the form of voice and hand commands that your large screen television will respond to. It comes in the form of talking televisions. For generations raised on Wii games where they are the game controller; it may not be any big deal to become your TV’s remote control. But to those of us raised with rabbit ears antennas and the advent of cable, having your television respond to the wave of your hand or sound of your voice is pretty amazing. It is up to you to decide if this feature is worth the price.

So there you have it. The latest innovations in large screen technology – the screens get thinner and larger, while the clarity and lighting technology gets better and better. Your television gets smarter while we all wait patiently for more content to make all the 3D High Definition worthwhile. In all there is still room for innovation in the industry but the advances keep coming every year.

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