Best 40 inch Flat Screen TV’s of 2018

40 inch Flat Screen TV
Best 40 inch Flat Screen TV’s of 2018 4.20/5 (84.00%) 5 votes

Are you shopping for a new television? If yes, you should think about getting one of the 40 inch flat screens. There are many options on the market from top manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony. As a matter of fact, its seem as if a new model is introduced every day so you should have no problems finding the best 40 inch flat screen TV’s.

There are many reasons why you should get a 40 inch flat screen TV instead of another size. For one, this size can work for many situations and is large enough to fit any room. The price and image quality are other reasons, especially the latter as most offer incredibly sharp and clear images.

Here are some of the highly rated 40 inch flat screen TV’s:

1. Samsung UN40EH5300 LED HDTV, Black 1080p 60Hz 40 Inch

This smart HDTV is providing new ways for you to explore and find your favorite movies, shows, games, and much more. It features a full browser with built-in Wi-Fi and innovative apps, as well as Signature Services to enhance your viewing enjoyment.

2. VIZIO M401i-A3 Smart LED HDTV, 1080p 120Hz 40 Inch

This is a stylishly modern LED Smart TV that is designed with close edge-to-edge image and features to redefine or elevate your entertainment experience. It has thin razor-like profile with LED backlighting to deliver brilliant picture while using less energy and space.

3. LG Electronics 39LN5300 LED TV, 1080p 60Hz 39 Inch

With LED backlighting, this TV can deliver amazing clarity, brightness and color details. You can also save more with this TV as it has earned ENERGY STAR ratings.

4. Samsung UN39FH5000 LED TV, 1080p 60Hz 39 Inch

This TV is extremely energy efficient and it offers clean white balance control, plus quicker HDMI switching time. With it, you can experience sharper picture quality even if you are watching action or sports movies with fast moving images.

5. VIZIO E390-A1 LED HDTV, 1080p 60Hz 39 Inch

This VIZIO LED TV is offering the best value with its high-quality picture and design. It has a strikingly slim outer frame with a narrow border to offer a more immersive viewing experience.

6. Seiki SE40FH03 LED HDTV, 1080p 60Hz 40 Inch

When it comes to the 40 inch flat screen TV’s, you cannot lose with this one as Seiki goes to the extra mile provide the highest quality sets at a reasonable price. This has built-in technologies including 3D noise reduction and NTSC/PAL comb filter, QAM digital cable support, analog/digital auto tuning and more to deliver a much clearer picture. It also has an easy-to-understand menu on-screen for adjusting the settings such as brightness, contrast, audio, timer, and much more.

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