How To Choose And Purchase A Flat Screen Monitor Online

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How To Choose And Purchase A Flat Screen Monitor Online
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There are plenty of things to consider when looking at a flat screen monitor for your next purchase, and today we are going to look at some of the considerations to help you decide what is best. First off, what do you want to use your flat screen monitor for? Do you want to use it for the office? Or, do you want to use it as a monitor for the house? Once, you have decided on where you plan on putting the monitor (house or office), you will be able to make some better decisions about the demands required.

Office Monitors
If you go with a flat screen monitor for the office, you will need something that has a good adjustable display, and something that can last for periods of 8-10 hours without a break, and without overheating. This is an important consideration, since much of the work you will be doing will require the endurance of a flat screen monitor that can handle longer periods on constant usage. Based on the reviews, there are two top-of-the-line flat screen monitors that can fit your needs:

ViewSonic Monitor VX2252MH 22-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor (approx. $150)

Hannspree HL HL161ABB 16-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (approx. $70)

The Viewsonic is for the user who wants an excellent, larger monitor for viewing. These are usually power users who work in graphic design, or those who prefer to have multiple windows open at the same time to increase efficient multitasking. The downside is that this monitor favours users who have larger desks, and lots of office space.

The Hannspree is 6 inches smaller, but still a nice size for users that have a smaller desk, and do not require a larger monitor. It is also a little cheaper than the Viewsonic (about half the cost), and still does a great job displaying pictures and anything else you may need it for.

Both of these monitors provide good endurance to keep you going throughout the day, and the Hannspree offers a more intense brilliance with its LED-lit option, but does not have the size of the Viewsonic for multiple-program-viewing.

Users are putting the Viewsonic in the top of the class because it is still an excellent monitor with great brightness, and a crisp, clear picture.

Getting A Flat Screen Monitor For The Home

Just as important as a flat screen monitor for the office, the home flat screen should suit all your viewing and entertainment needs. Again, what are you going to use the monitor for? Is it for gaming? Surfing the web? Watching movies? Are you going to use it as an extension of your laptop or TV to work on? Regardless, the monitor you choose should be able to handle all your requirements, both as an entertainment unit and device to enhance productive working.

The following three monitors are excellent picks that can make your home a much livelier place:

ASUS VS228H-P 22-Inch Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD Monitor Monitor (Approx. $140)
This is a great gaming monitor and provides excellent capabilities for graphical user interplay during high intensity shoot-em-up and action games. Made for the best LED-lit picture, the ASUS monitor is an affordable piece that can change your viewing experience for the better. Coming in at 22-inches makes is a good fit for close-up and more distant viewing for those who like to play or watch from more than a few feet a away. It has great picture and brightness, and is plug and play ready.

ASUS VS228H-P 22-Inch Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD Monitor (Approx. $100)
Slightly smaller, and slightly cheaper than the ASUS, the ViewSonic is also an LED-lit monitor and is a solid unit with a crisp and clear picture to get you going with and amazing view of the action. With the great price, and amazing brightness, many people are picking up a couple of these and using them side by side for all their needs.

Acer S231HL BBID 23-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Approx. $150)

The Acer is the biggest of the three, and only slight more expensive than the ASUS, and is also an LED-lit unit designed for intense illumination. This flat screen monitor offers an opportunity for gaming and watching movies from more than a few feet away. You can set this up in the living room and use it as a TV screen to play your DVDs and it will perform just fine.

What’s The Best? Depending on your needs, and your budget, you will be able to get a great monitor with any of these picks discussed today, so happy shopping, and happy viewing!

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