Plasma or LED TV?

plasma or led?
Plasma or LED TV?
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Choosing a high definition television could be a daunting task as there are many considerations before purchasing. Some of these considerations include the size of the television, the price, the picture quality and the power consumption of the television. When you go to the local electronic store or the mall you meet a wide variety of televisions with different specifications. You have to know what serves you best within your budget to make a wise choice.Plasma tv

LED televisions are LCD televisions with different lightening technology than conventional LCD TVs. The LCD televisions make use of background lighting generated from micro fluorescent tubes while the LED makes use of side lightning evenly distributed and diffused by a reflector. Some LED televisions are also lit from the back. The placement of the lightning at the back enables manufactures to create slimmer and lighter LED television sets than the conventional LCD. Backlit LED televisions have sharper images than their side lit counterpart, but these are rare as they const much more at the retail shop.

The LED television has a lot of advantages over the plasma television as side lit televisions enable manufacturers make the TV very thin and light. Placing the lightning at the sides of the television creates a brighter evenly lit picture.

Apart from being super thin, LED televisions do not consume as much power as the plasma television and the heat generated is much less making it environmentally friendly. The LED TV produces a wide range of colors making the pictures displayed rich and deep.

The draw back for LED televisions is the inability to locally dim, hence they cannot create deep black images unlike that in the plasma television. The LED television also has narrow viewing angles, the wider the viewing angle the poorer the picture quality.


The plasma television has been around for more than 50 years, and considerable developments have been made on the technology. Unlike the LED television whose lightning are generated from the sides and evenly distributed, the plasma television has three individually lit chambers set behind the screen. The presence of more lightning compared to the LED television makes the plasma TV more expensive to run as it consumes more power and gives of more heat.

The plasma television is not without its advantages, with its biggest being the dimming, thus creating rich deep black levels. This is made possible because each cell is individually lit and placed at the back. Another advantage the plasma television has over the LED TV is its bright display, it also has a wide viewing angle that much more superior to the LED TV.

The drawbacks for the plasma television include the high power consumption of the set, the thickness when compared with the LED television and the heat generated from the tubes. It is also heavier than the LED.

If you’re buying a television set below 40’ inches the LED television is a good way to go. If you want a huge screen and can afford the cost and the overhead, then the plasma television is a good idea.

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