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Small Flat Screen TVs of 2018 Reviewed 4.20/5 (84.00%) 10 votes

Looking for a small  flat screen TV but find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of offerings out there? Well, you’re not alone—the truth is that there have never been more brands of quality consumer-grade flat screen televisions on the market than there are today and it can be exceedingly difficult to know which will give you the best value for your money.

No Easy Choice

In the past it was easy enough to simply rely on a big name manufacturer to give you the quality and performance you were looking for but these days a number of new players have entered the field (most notably Korean companies like LG) and have taken the wind out of the sails of brands like Sony and Philips. Fortunately for the consumer, there has been a marked rise in the popularity of online, consumer-based reviews in the past five years which provides a reliable and trustworthy alternative to paid reviews found in print and electronic publications. The following top five list of the most highly rated small, flat screen televisions are based on just these consumer driven ratings which we bring to you as a matter of convenience and to help you choose the best buy for your hard-earned cash.

1. Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED-LCD HDTV (Black)

The most highly rated and favorably reviewed TV with a 24-inch or smaller flat screen was, surprisingly enough, the Toshiba 24SL410U 24-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED-LCD HDTV (Black). In comparison with the other televisions in its class, the Toshiba received the highest average ratings for picture quality and color display. In terms of the built-in sound system, the Toshiba’s proprietary Audysey technology git generally positive reviews with the caveat that speakers on televisions this size just cannot be expected to provide Dolby quality sound and with good reason.

2. Proscan 19-Inch LED HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

The next entry on the list is Walmart’s in-house brand Proscan 19-Inch LED HDTV with Built-In DVD Player. Surprisingly, most reviewers rated both the picture and sound quality above average despite the fact that the screen size rivals that of most laptops on the market these days. Perhaps the most damaging single complaint is that the viewing angle of the television can be problematic to say the least. According to one review, unless one’s eyes are on a 180-degree viewing plane with the television, the images appear ghostlike and insubstantial at best.

3. Proscan 22-Inch LED HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

The third and last small, flat screen TV we will review is the big brother of the 19-inch Proscan above, the Proscan 22-Inch LED HDTV with Built-In DVD Player. Strangely, despite an overall (slightly) lower rating by most buyers of the picture and sound quality the 22-inch Proscan excelled where its smaller iteration failed and was lauded for its incredible viewing angles. As with the othr two televisions in this review, most buyers purchased this small flat screen TV for use either in childrens’ rooms or in small spaces such as offices or college dormitories.

4. Curtis 15-Inch LCD HDTV with Built in DVD Player

Number four on our list is the smallest entrant yet, the Curtis 15-Inch LCD HDTV with Built in DVD Player. Perhaps the greatest concern expressed by reviewers with this purchased had to do with nothing more than their own trepidation about purchasing an off-brand electronic device. Fortunately, it appears from review after review that the leap of faith that buyers made with their purchase resulted in overall good viewing quality and audio performance.

5.NAXA NTD-1552 15.6-Inch Widescreen HD LED TV with Built-in Digital TV Tuner and USB/SD Inputs and DVD Player

Rounding out the top five is the television with the longest name in the bunch. The off-brand NAXA received less than stellar reviews for viewing angle (in fact, it received the worst rating of any in this category) and only lukewarm reviews in regard to its picture quality. Nonetheless, for the price and dimensions of this television it appeared that most buyers were willing to be a little more forgiving than they would have otherwise been had they been in the market for a full size flat screen.

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