The Vizio 70-inch LED TV Review

Vizio 70-inch
The Vizio 70-inch LED TV Review
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The Vizio 70-inch LED television is one of those rare finds in electronics that restores your faith in the possibility that the big name brands like Sony and Samsung don’t have a monopoly on quality. In this quick review we will run down the features of the Vizio 70-inch television and show how it is superior to the competition in both performance and picture quality as well as in a number of other areas with its price being a definite, deciding factor as well.

The display and picture quality on the Vizio is bar none. Although the color settings tend to be skewed towards the cooler end of the spectrum it is no problem at all to adjust them to a range that is more pleasing to your eyes. The depth of color and sharpness of the images leave Sony and Samsung in the dust and the thin bezel is an attractive design element as well.

The Vizio 70-inch shares the passive 3D feature that is offered by the smaller televisions in the series and it performs just as well on a larger screen as it does on the 50-inch model. With the 3D technology you actually get a deeper, more engaging picture and your viewing experience, regardless of the media you are using , is immeasurably enhanced.

Another great feature of the Vizio 70-inch Smart LED TV is the fact that it comes with a suite of apps such as Netflix and Amazon that allow you to watch your favorite streaming movies and media with no problem at all. No need to buy a Roku or an AppleTV with this great television! The dedicated Amazon Prime button is a great feature and really makes this set stand out from anything else on the market. The manufacturers really put a lot of thought into the design of the TV and it shows between the picture quality, color depth and intuitive design of the apps.

There is one downside to the television and it seems to be a problem with all Vizio televisions in the series: the remote control. For whatever reason, the remote control only works when pointed directly at the IR receiver in the bottom corner of the television set. If you are at even the slightest angle it will not pick it up. However, there is a bright side: a wi-fi option is being released soon and there are also a number of apps that may be used to substitute for the factory remote. Yet, even if the wi-fi option comes online soon, many people have complained that the buttons on the remote itself simply don’t work. Perhaps the best solution is to buy this television along with a universal remote to get the great value and picture quality without the hassle of the remote.

In the final analysis, the Vizio 70-inch Smart LED television is a great value for your money and can outperform the competition in many areas. If you are concerned with picture quality and color depth there is simply no better buy.

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