Vizio 55 Led Smart TV Review

Vizio 55 Led Smart TV
Vizio 55 Led Smart TV Review
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The Vizio 55-inch LED Smart TV may not have the name-recognition of brands like Sony or Samsung but it is a dark horse that is sure to surprise. When compared with other, big name brands in the same class the Vizio 55-inch LED outperformed the completion in both its ability to differentiate several shades of gray, show true black and by merit of its color depth.

The passive 3D feature of the Vizio 55-inch Smart TV is perhaps the best reason to pick this television over any that the competition is offering at the moment. Regardless of the type of media you are looking to watch (Blu-ray, DVD, cable) your experience will be enhanced due to the perception of added depth.

Perhaps the only real problem with the television has nothing whatsoever to do with the display itself but with the remote control that comes with the devices. Not only is the remote not designed ergonomically but the line of sight required for its use renders it virtually useless. However, there is a bright side: a wi-fi option is being released soon and there are also a number of apps that may be used to substitute for the factory remote. In the worst case scenario, many people have suggested opting for a universal remote.

Problems with the remote aside, the Visio 55-inch LED Smart TV is a great value for the cost and performance. It can run circles around most of the known brand name televisions with its picture quality and passive 3D capabilities. Although many people may still be wary of putting their trust in a virtually unknown company like Vizio and want to stick with Samsung or Sony, doing so will only guarantee that they spend a lot more money and get sub-par results. Pick up a Vizio 55-inch LED Smart TV and you will not be sorry.

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