Best 60 LCD TVs Reviewed

60 inch flat screen tv

The LG 60-inch LCD television with SmartShare has regularly received great reviews from professional testers and average consumers as well. In short, the LCD panel screen delivers amazing color, great detail and simply unparalleled viewing angles. With such great features and because it’s made by a big name brand like LG you might expect to [...]

Vizio 55 Led Smart TV Review

Vizio 55 Led Smart TV

The Vizio 55-inch LED Smart TV may not have the name-recognition of brands like Sony or Samsung but it is a dark horse that is sure to surprise. When compared with other, big name brands in the same class the Vizio 55-inch LED outperformed the completion in both its ability to differentiate several shades of [...]

The Vizio 70-inch LED TV Review

Vizio 70-inch

The Vizio 70-inch LED television is one of those rare finds in electronics that restores your faith in the possibility that the big name brands like Sony and Samsung don’t have a monopoly on quality. In this quick review we will run down the features of the Vizio 70-inch television and show how it is [...]

Small Flat Screen TVs Reviewed

small flat screen tv

Looking for a small  flat screen TV but find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of offerings out there? Well, you’re not alone—the truth is that there have never been more brands of quality consumer-grade flat screen televisions on the market than there are today and it can be exceedingly difficult to know which will [...]

The Best Flat Screen Monitors for Designers

flat screen monitors for designers

Anyone who spends any time in front of a computer monitor knows that choosing the right screen is essential to productivity and the health of their eyes. Working for any length of time with anything less than the optimal monitor can result in eye strain and fatigue which can cause headaches and blurred. This is [...]

Largest Flat Screen TVs Money Can Buy

Largest flat screen tvs

There have been dramatic changes in the technology of the television. The new concepts with large flat screens have revolutionized how we watch television and how we use them. Great large flat screen TVs can not only display favorite programs or movies, but can also be used for other things such as the internet, games [...]

Are You Ready for the Latest Advances in Large Screen Televisions?

large screen televisions

What’s new in the world of large screen televisions and can you understand what your salesman is talking about? Here at we hope to take the mystery out of choosing a new large screen TV by getting around all the technological jargon and industry buzz words the “experts” use. Since it is our mission [...]

Plasma or LED TV?

plasma or led?

Choosing a high definition television could be a daunting task as there are many considerations before purchasing. Some of these considerations include the size of the television, the price, the picture quality and the power consumption of the television. When you go to the local electronic store or the mall you meet a wide variety [...]

Some of the Best 19” Flat Screen TVs Reviewed

19” Flat Screen TVs

Are you considering the purchase of a 19” flat screen TV? How will you decide which brand or model to buy when there are so many on the market? What features are you looking for? Let us help you out by taking an in-depth look at three 19” flat screenTVs – their features and the [...]

3D Cinema – A Craze around the World


A 3D or three dimensional film or cinema is a motion picture that enables viewers to experience an enhanced illusion of what they perceive. This entire concept was derived from stereoscopic photography which is a regular motion picture camera system that is used to record images which is seen from two points of view and [...]